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Questo corso è stato studiato per venire incontro alle necessità di comunicazione di persone che si recano in Cina per motivi di lavoro, così come di stranieri che

Introduzione alla lingua cinese

Introduction to Chinese language



Chinesecom.eu project will be presented in "2011 EU-China Multilingualism conference" that will be held in May 19th 2011 in Brussels.

The European Commission and the Chinese authorities, namely its Ministry of Education and the All China Youth Federation, decided to organize a European-China Year of Youth in 2011. The objectives of this Year are to promote intercultural dialogue and strengthen mutual understanding between European and Chinese youth; and to help ensure that cooperation between policy makers as well as between youth organizations. Among several events and projects are being planned the "2011 EU-China Multilingualism conference".

Riguardo la Cina


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This initiative is sponsored by the European Union under the Lifelong Learning Programme

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