News couronné d’une excellente évaluation

L’agence "Education, audiovisuel et culture" (EACEA) se charge d’évaluer les projets financés dans le cadre du programme pour l’éducation et la formation tout au long de la vie. L’agence a accordé un score global de 8/10 à grâce à la qualité soutenue du projet. L’agence EACEA confirme que le résultat principal du projet consiste en "un site Internet très attrayant et un cours de langue en ligne facilement accessible à tous". Le rapport d’évaluation mentionne également le caractère à la fois attractif et utile du cours de langue et il félicite les partenaires pour les efforts déployés dans le développement de ce cours pour objectifs professionnels. Finalement, l’agence EACEA apprécie spécialement "les aspects culturels utiles" intégrés dans le matériel d’apprentissage.

Galician Institute for Economical Promotion

The IGAPE (Galician Institute for Economical Promotion) agrees to collaborate in the promotion of the They will organize a Seminar that will be held the first three month period in 2010. They have included a link on its Web Site home page (

The Department of Education of Galicia

The Department of Education of Galicia supports the dissemination of, including a link on its Web Site (

Chinese Embassy in Spain will collaborate on the dissemination of

Coordinators of Chinesecom Project introduce the web to the Chinese Ambassador in Spain and to the Education Counselor in the Embassy in a reception organized by the Santiago de Compostela University. The Ambassador undertakes to study the dissemination possibilities of the Web Site in China.

Seminar Chinesecom: Learning Languages for a Global Society

2009-10-20 17:30 BJT

Thursday 22th and Friday 23th in Santiago de Compostela.
Centro de Estudios Avanzados.
Parque Vista Alegre - Rúa Salvadas, s/n

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China releases A/H1N1 flu vaccine guide

2009-09-24 08:59 BJT

The guidelines indicate who should receive the vaccine injection first. Risk groups like students, and workers in the service industry are the top priority. Highly-infectious regions with large and floating populations are also considered for early vaccination.

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Female soldiers to form biggest marching group in national day parade

2009-09-24 08:59 BJT

The group of female soldiers is the only one in the parade which consists of troops from the army, the navy and the air force. This makes it the biggest marching group in the modern history of military parades anywhere in the world. To keep so many people moving as one, clear orders are essential.

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